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Thoughts Out Loud #5 - Way Too Random
May 19, 2017 04:15 PM PDT
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The "New Year, New Me" episode of Thoughts Out Loud except..it's way too random. This episode I discuss my new apartment and other random topics like:
Southern Travel and rest stop germs.
Symbols of hate (flags) flying on the highway
If Twitter had government positions.
What it's like to live a dog's life.
More Twitter
Dear White People

If you would like help with editing your podcast or you want to share your random thoughts with me, I am on Twitter and Instagram as @FrizzyFroPod or email Danielle@frizzyfro.com

Recognition of The Least
March 16, 2017 08:04 AM PDT
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Welcome to Thoughts Out Loud on Frizzyfro.com. I am Danielle and this is my digital home. Thanks for joining me as I scowl at the present, remember the past, and wonder about the future.

This week I compare myself to a popular late night comedy duo (hint: BodegaHive), give my thoughts on recognition and participation awards, and provide some overdo acknowledgements and name drops.

Read the full transcript on Frizzyfro.com.
Also, I sometimes add extra commentary on the website. Stop by and leave a comment.

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CSL: Shareef Jackson Makes Math Look Good - S4 Ep1
February 22, 2017 06:44 PM PST
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Chocolate Starved Lives is back in just time to kick off Black History Month with a super duper Other People's Podcast/Chocolate Star of the Week episode featuring my guest (and chocolate star) Shareef Jackson.

How did Danielle and Shareef meet?
Back in the olden days of podcasting, Blacking It Up (now known as This Week in Blackness), was hosted by Elon, Bassey, and Aaron. The show was streamed live and listeners were able to engage with the hosts real time through the chatroom. It was this chatroom that introduced me to many new people in the online world. One of whom is Shareef.

Show Notes:
Intro: Weird News
A trolling promise
Google knows this Shareef is NOT Ice Cube’s son
The Neil Degrasse Tyson picture pose predicament
The NASA Social “Space Bowl” event in Houston, TX
Podcast pet peeves from a listener and creative standpoint
Live and in person: Blogging While Brown 2013-ish
Other Conference recommendations
Where exactly is Texas?
Shareef’s transition from corporate to self employment
- Math Looks Good, LLC
- ShareefJackson.com
Other People’s Podcast: The future of Operation Cubicle
Gaming Podcast: Spawn on Me (Diversity Focused)
Gaming Youtube series: Gaming Looks Good
Shareef’s surprises Danielle (hint: It’s Black Cop related)
The cookie beef is rehashed
Black History Month Events for Philly and Milwaukee
Danielle is the cutest version of a troll. AKA a ‘trolini’.

Twitter: @ShareefJackson
Instagram: mathlooksgood

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Thoughts Out Loud #3 Finger-Licking City Living
February 14, 2017 08:06 PM PST
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City Living is the life for me, but suburban house sizes make me happy. Is there a way to compromise? I want to live in New York, but Philly rent suits me fine.

Send your feedback by email to Danielle@frizzyfro.com or tweet me @FrizzyFroPod and use the #CSLThoughts hashtag.

*Full Transcript available on FrizzyFro.com*

Thoughts Out Loud #2 - The Inconsolable List
January 25, 2017 10:40 PM PST
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This is the Inconsolable List, much like JD’s Hit List from The Rap Game, but much less pleasant.

1. Movie Madness - Beaches vs “Beaches” (The "For Why Did They Do That" edition).
2. Women’s March on Washington, DC - I didn’t attend because...
3. Political Pretense Presser - Last episode I felt so inspired This episode? I am pissed off.

If you would like to add your thoughts, email me at Danielle@frizzyfro.com or tweet the @FrizzyFroPod account.

*Full transcript available on FrizzyFro.com*

CSL: Thoughts Out Loud - Hidden Figures
January 14, 2017 09:09 PM PST
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Hi, It’s Danielle here with a quick update about my experience with watching Hidden Figures this weekend.
It was a Friday afternoon, 12:40 PM Eastern to be exact, and I found myself sitting in a theater surrounded by elementary students who also planned to watch a movie.

*Full Transcript Available on FrizzyFro.com*

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Website: Frizzyfro.com
Twitter: @FrizzyFroPod

Mama vs Mama - The Aftermath
November 30, 2016 04:24 AM PST
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Two tiny rants (Kids w/parents and cashiers)
Serve Safe certification, @HealthScoreATL, and Here to Serve restaurants
Drinking Mountain Zevia
The ego of Brooklyn
The Social Media Golden Rule
The hungry stare mama vs The sex talk mama
2016 Goal Status: Jarratt - Spanish/Blogging and Danielle - Podcasting/Weight Loss
OPP - P4P Boxing Report
Reminder to watch InsecureHBO’s season finale

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FunSized Flashback - S1E2 - CSL
October 01, 2016 02:20 PM PDT
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The 2nd episode of Chocolate Starved Lives was originally 30 minutes long and titled "All We Need is One Mic". This shortened version reminds us of where we started in 2012 and give our listeners an opportunity to hear that we have always been about the shenanigans. Danielle (@DanielleJMe), Jarratt (@DaWholeDamnShow), a laptop, a couch, Atlanta, and one mic started it all.

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Shareef Jackson - Making science look good, that is his action - CSL S2 E02
January 16, 2013 06:55 AM PST
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Shareef Jackson - Making science look good, that is his action

Jackson, Jackson, Jackson
Many years ago there was a Jackson.
Couldn’t even run, but could add fractions…

In honor of Martin Luther King, Jr.’s birthday, Shareef and I resolved our Twitter cookie beef and discuss a few ratchet news stories we found on the web including train thieves, video game assassins, and the downfall of Shawty Lo’s TV show. This week’s news nibblets covered volunteering options in both Atlanta and Philadelphia for the MLK day of service. Shareef shared information on one of his favorite nonprofit organizations - NJSeeds.org, as well as his recent visit to CES in Las Vegas.
DanielleJ does her best to stump Shareef in the This or That segment.

Host: DanielleJ - Twitter: @DanielleJMe
Guest: Shareef Jackson
Twitter: @ShareefJackson
Website: ShareefJackson.com
Podcast: @OperationCubicle

Chocolate Starved Lives can be found on FrizzyFro.com, iTunes, and Stitcher Radio
Copyright 2013

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